Broadcom ACPL-064L Digital CMOS Optocouplers

Broadcom ACPL-064L digital CMOS optocoupler is an ultra low power, 10MBd device that combines an AIGaAs LED and an integrated high gain photodetector. The ACPL-064L features a forward LED current as low as 1.6mA, meaning most microprocessors can directly drive the LED. Broadcom digital CMOS optocoupler includes an internal Faraday shield that provides a guaranteed common mode transient immunity specification of 20kV/µs.

The ACPL-064L achieves maximum AC and DC circuit isolation while maintaining TTL/CMOS compatibility. Broadcom digital CMOS optocoupler is slew-rate controlled and designed to allow the rise and fall time to be controlled over a wide load capacitance range. The ACPL-064L is ideal for communication interfaces, microprocessor system interfaces, and digital isolation for ADCs and DACs.


  • 1.3mA/Channel maximum ultra-low IDD current
  • 1.6mA Low input current
  • Built-in slew-rate controlled outputs
  • 20kV/μs minimum Common-Mode Rejection (CMR) at VCM = 1000V
  • 10MBd Minimum high speed
  • -40°C to +105°C Guaranteed AC and DC performance over wide temperature
  • Wide package selection of SO-5, SO-8, stretched SO-6, and stretched SO-8
  • Safety approval
    • UL 1577 recognized – 3750Vrms for 1 minute for ACPL-064L/M61L and 5000Vrms for 1 minute for ACPL-W61L/K64L
    • CSA Approval
    • IEC/EN/DIN EN 60747-5-5 approval for reinforced insulation
  • RoHS-compliant


  • Communication interfaces: RS485, CANBus, and I2C
  • Microprocessor system interfaces
  • Digital isolation for A/D and D/A convertors

Functional Diagram

Broadcom ACPL-064L Digital CMOS Optocouplers
Publicado: 2010-04-14 | Actualizado: 2022-03-11