Bridgetek VM816C Development Modules

Bridgetek VM816C Development Modules are used to develop and demonstrate the functionality of the BT816 Embedded Video Engine (EVE). There are 2 variations of the modules. The SPI variation of the Bridgetek VM816C module behaves as an SPI slave and requires an SPI Master for proper micro-controller interfacing and system integration. The USB variation of the module behaves as a USB slave and requires control from a USB host. Customers can order a module PCBA together with a 5” LCD panel pre-assembled and tested at the factory, or order a module PCBA only. For the module PCBA, users can also connect to different LCD screens as long as they meet the BT816 technical specification and fit the LCD connector.


  • Ready to use LCD module
  • Options with or without 5” LCDs supporting resistive touch with pressure sensing
  • Onboard LCD backlight LED Driver
  • Supports mono audio output
  • Supports single or quad SPI (for VM816C50A modules)
  • Onboard audio power amplifier and an audio connector for external speaker support
  • A flexible power supply that is powered by SPI host connector, via USB Micro-B port, or via a 2.1mm DC power jack
  • Onboard 16M Byte IC Flash Memory
  • Support USB high-speed connection to PC or another USB host (for VM816CU50A modules)
  • Options
    • VM816C50A-D is the SPI version with 5” LCD
    • VM816CU50A-D is the USB version with 5” LCD
    • VM816C50A-N is the SPI version with 4.3/5/7” LCD connector but no display
    • VM816CU50A-N is the USB version with 4.3/5/7” LCD connector but no display
Publicado: 2018-10-03 | Actualizado: 2022-09-15