Bergquist Company TGP 1000VOUS Ultra Conformable GAP PAD®

Bergquist TGP 1000VOUS Ultra Conformable GAP PAD® filling material provides ultra-conformable gel-like material with thermal conductivity of 1.0W/m-K. This filling material is ultra-soft and offers excellent low-stress vibration dampening and shock absorbency for applications requiring a minimum amount of pressure on components. Bergquist GAP PAD TGP 1000VOUS Filling Material is ideal for isolation between heat sinks and high-voltage, bare-leaded devices.


  • 1.0W/m-K thermal conductivity
  • Conformable, low hardness
  • Gel-like modulus
  • Decreased strain
  • Resists punctures, shears, and tears
  • Electrically isolating


  • Telecommunications
  • Computer and peripherals
  • Between heat-generating semiconductors or magnetic components and a heat sink
  • Power conversion
  • Area where heat needs to be transferred to a frame, chassis, or other types of heat spreader

Application Example

Bergquist Company TGP 1000VOUS Ultra Conformable GAP PAD®
Publicado: 2011-10-07 | Actualizado: 2022-12-15