Amprobe PRM-6/KIT 3-Phase Motors Troubleshooting Kit

Amprobe PRM-6/KIT is a 3-phase motor troubleshooting kit with a multimeter and a clamp meter. The kit includes the PRM-6 phase sequence and motor rotation tester, the AM-570 industrial multimeter, and the AMP-220 TRMS clamp meter. The PRM-6 phase sequence and motor rotation tester can test the motor rotation of 3-phase systems and verify 3-phase receptacle wiring and phase sequencing with test leads. The AM-570 industrial multimeter is designed to maintain service or troubleshoot advanced electrical systems in the most demanding environments. The AMP-220 TRMS clamp meter features true-RMS  (root mean square) sensing, low pass filters, and fast response processors for quick, error-free measurements. The Amprobe PRM-6/KIT is designed for I&E technicians, facilities maintenance technicians, and industrial electricians.

Kit Contents

  • PRM-6 phase sequence and motor rotation tester
    • Test probes
    • Alligator clips
    • AAA batteries
    • Carry bag
  • AM-570 industrial multimeter
    • Test leads (pair)
    • K-type temperature probe
    • Velcro strap
    • 9V battery
    • Carry case
  • AMP-220 TRMS clamp meter
    • Test leads (pair)
    • AAA batteries
    • 9V battery


  • 3-phase systems
  • Sequence and motor rotation testing
Publicado: 2020-04-23 | Actualizado: 2022-03-10