Altech MA Circuit Breakers & Manual Motor Controllers

Altech MA Three-Phase Adjustable-Trip Miniature Circuit Breakers and Manual Motor Controllers are designed to handle the high inrush loads of 3-phase transformers, power supplies, and motors. The MA devices protect wiring and equipment from damage caused by the three major classes of overcurrent (overload, short circuit, and ground fault) while reducing the number of nuisance trips in high starting and inrush current circuits. The Altech circuit breakers feature an adjustable thermal trip, allowing the finalization of initial designs before procurement of the load equipment is complete. Snap-on DIN rail mounting saves panel layout design time as well as installation and rework/repair costs. Large cage-clamp terminals with screws simplify and speed up the wiring process.


  • Handles high inrush loads
  • Adjustable thermal trip
  • Snap-on mounting
  • Cage-clamp terminals
  • Switched disconnect during factory testing and/or initial start-up
  • Overcurrent protection


  • 480Y/277VAC voltage rating
  • 6000 on/off operations with 2xRC life
  • +25°C +0°C/-5°C calibration temperature
  • 18AWG to 3AWG top/bottom terminal size acceptability
  • 2Nm min./2.5Nm max. terminal torque


Altech MA Circuit Breakers & Manual Motor Controllers
Publicado: 2019-09-20 | Actualizado: 2023-06-01