4D Systems 4D Workshop4 IDE PRO

4D Systems 4D Workshop4 IDE PRO is a comprehensive software Integrated Development Environments (IDE) for Microsoft Windows environments. This IDE provides an integrated software development platform for all of the 4D family of processors and modules. 

The IDE combines the Editor, Compiler, Linker, and Downloader to develop complete 4DGL application code.

All user application code is developed within the Workshop4 IDE.


4D Systems 4D Workshop4 IDE PRO

Workshop4 includes four development environments for the user to choose based on application requirements or even user skill level.


Designer - This environment enables the user to write 4DGL code in its natural form to program the display module.


ViSi – Genie - An advanced environment that does not require any 4DGL coding at all. Everything is done automatically for the user. The code is written automatically by simply laying the display out with the objects that the user wants (similar to ViSi) and setting the events to drive them. The ViSi-Genie provides the latest rapid development experience from 4D Systems.


ViSi - A visual programming experience that enables drag-and-drop type placement of objects to assist with 4DGL code generation and allows the user to visualize how the display will look while being developed.


Serial - This environment is also provided to transform the display module into a slave serial display module. This allows the user to control the display from any host microcontroller or device with a serial port.

Smart Widgets Editor – Make Complex widget design, simple

4D Systems 4D Workshop4 IDE PRO

Smart Widgets Editor is a powerful utility that enables the generation of Smart Widgets.

•  Users can create complex widgets with up to six layers, including the layer for the base image. The order of the layers can be arranged as desired.

•  Each layer can contain one or more images arranged in a sequence that can be manipulated in a variety of ways. Image manipulation options include horizontal motion, vertical motion, and angular motion. Additionally, the transparency of a layer can be set.

•  Two or more layers can be linked to produce synchronized movements of images. This enables the generation of complex widgets with multiple moving parts. The clockwork feature is also supported and this enables users to quickly generate clock widgets.

•  Each layer can have a numeric part that can display numbers in various fonts and formats. Alternatively, the numeric part can be a fixed sequence of text.

•  The output frames can be utilized using any of the supported Workshop4 environments.

Genie Magic

4D Systems 4D Workshop4 IDE PRO

Genie Magic is an extension to ViSi-Genie, which is available in Workshop4 PRO. The Genie Magic allows the User to add 4DGL code to various points in the ViSi-Genie backend code, which allows users to take full advantage of the power of 4DGL while retaining the speed and convenience of ViSi-Genie and its defined communication protocol.

Genie Magic allows the user to enter 4DGL code in the form of Events, Code, and Objects, along with various touch-related additions too, giving the user the power to achieve advanced GUI in ViSi-Genie without having to write the full code.

Genie Magic is fully supported by the genieArduino and geniePi libraries, making communication with an Arduino or Raspberry Pi host even more powerful.

When using Genie Magic in combination with the Smart Widget Editor, it is possible to use the Smart Widgets Editor tool and Smart Widgets to create other graphical user interface elements such as:

•   Dropdown Menu

•   Side Menu

•   'Carousel Slider'

•   List Box

•   Quarter-Rotary Menu

•   Dock Menu

•   Fading Slide-To-Unlock Button

•   Spectrum With Transparency

•   And many others


Publicado: 2018-01-03 | Actualizado: 2023-03-20