KYOCERA AVX Solutions for High-Temperature Applications

KYOCERA AVX High-Temperature Capacitors, Thermistors, and Varistors offer high-temperature solutions for a broad range of applications, including power conversion, RF transient voltage suppression, board-level miniature bulk capacitance, high voltage, and small-signal. Product families range from miniature SMT/leaded ceramics and stacked ceramic capacitors to traditional and wet tantalum capacitors, varistors, and high Q RF capacitors. KYOCERA AVX offers multiple high-temperature devices with collective parameters as small as a 0603 case size, components that can operate as hot as +250°C, voltage ratings up to 125V, and capacitance up to 3000µF.

Publicado: 2017-07-28 | Actualizado: 2023-11-07