KYOCERA AVX Automotive Ceramic Capacitors

KYOCERA AVX Automotive Ceramic Capacitors feature a wide range of multilayer ceramic capacitor technologies that meet or exceed AEC-Q200 requirements. These KYOCERA AVX capacitors include surface-mount and leaded MLCCs as well as surface-mount feedthru filters.


  • 0.05pF to 1500µF capacitance range
  • 2.5VDC to 3kVDC voltage range
  • Axial, radial, and surface mount options

Automotive SMD MLCCs

KYOCERA AVX Automotive SMD MLCCs include a wide range of multilayer ceramic capacitors and capacitor arrays qualified to the AEC-Q200 automotive specification. These surface-mount MLCCs include Flexiterm, Flexisafe, high voltage, ESD-Safe™ for circuit protection, RF/Microwave, high-temperature, temperature compensating, and high CV.

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Automotive Leaded MLCCs

KYOCERA AVX Automotive Leaded MLCCs include axial leaded capacitors in the X7R dielectric with 50VDC and 100VDC rated voltages. These leaded MLCCs also include high voltage radial leaded capacitors with a temperature range up to +150°C with X8R dielectric.

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Automotive SMD Feedthru Filters

KYOCERA AVX Automotive SMD Feedthru Filters are ideal for EMI suppression, broadband I/O filtering, or Vcc power line conditioning. These filters feature a unique construction of feedthru capacitor to provide low parallel inductance and an excellent decoupling capability.

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Publicado: 2017-09-13 | Actualizado: 2022-06-17