KYOCERA AVX 00-9296 Inverted Thru Board Poke-Home Connectors

KYOCERA AVX 00-9296 Inverted Through Board Poke-Home Connectors allow 26AWG to 18AWG wires to be simply stripped and inserted into the connector body at 180° orientation to the bottom side of the PCB with an above-board height of 0.80mm. These single connectors from KYOCERA AVX replace existing 2-piece wire-to-board solutions where a header is soldered onto the PCB and a secondary crimp-to-wire receptacle assembly is plugged in.

Available in 1 to 6 positions, each connector accepts the entire wire gauge range for either solid or stranded wires at varying current ratings supported by each wire size. Once the wires are inserted, they can be easily removed or replaced by twisting/unscrewing or by using a small blade extraction tool (069296700301000).


  • Dual-beam box contact provide maximum mechanical stability and wire retention
  • Will accept either solid or stranded, 26AWG to 18AWG, plated or unplated wires
  • Simple strip and insert for wire loading, with an easy twist and pull for wire removal
  • Tape and reel packaging for automated SMT placement


  • Industrial/ruggedized wire-to-board applications
  • Replaces hard soldering of wire to a PCB
  • Replaces costly 2-piece header and receptacle products


  • 3A to 7A current rating range
  • -40°C to +125°C operating temperature range
  • 300VAC (2 to 6 way) or 600VAC (1 Way) voltage ratings
  • Copper alloy contact material
  • Tin over nickel contact plating
  • 5-cycle durability
  • RoHS Compliant
Publicado: 2016-12-13 | Actualizado: 2022-03-11