Carlo Gavazzi MC88C Safety Magnetic Sensors

Carlo Gavazzi MC88C magnetic safety sensors are designed to improve the safety of devices used in industrial and automation applications. They come in a variety of switching configurations, as well as left or right mountings, making them a versatile solution with many implementation options. Actuation range options allow for large tolerances and the ability to adapt to changes in the device utilizing the MC88C switch. Carlo Gavazzi MC88C magnetic switches feature IP67 ratings, a reinforced polymetric casing, and contact-free actuation, making them rugged and reliable device with a long expected life.


  • Magnetic, no-contact actuation means
  • Multiple switching distances for high door misalignment tolerance
  • Concealable for tamper protection
  • Left or right mounting configurations
  • Optional LED indicator
  • IP67 protection rating


  • Large industrial equipment
  • Automation
  • Sensitive or hazardous machinery
  • Manufacturing


Publicado: 2021-05-20 | Actualizado: 2022-03-11