Carling Technologies E-Series Hydraulic/Magnetic Circuit Breakers

Carling Technologies E-Series Hydraulic/Magnetic Circuit Breakers are designed for higher current and voltage applications, particularly solar power. High endurance, resistance to extreme temperatures, and superior protection of equipment and wires make the series ideal for PV systems. The circuit breakers are offered with either front or back mounting. Terminal options include screw terminals, stud terminals, and heavy duty box wire connectors. Carling Technologies' E-Series is UL Listed and CSA Certified for Branch Circuit protection which does not require a fuse backup. These Hydraulic/Magnetic Circuit Breakers are also UL Recognized and CSA Certified as Supplementary Protectors and as Manual Motor Controllers.


  • 1-6 poles
  • Instant, short, medium, long (motor loads), hi-inrush, and AC or DC delays
  • Series, shunt, relay, switch only, and series w/remote shutdown circuits
  • 10-32 Studs, 10-32 screw, 1/4-20 studs, 1/4-20 screw, box wire connector, and box wire connector w/pressure plate terminal options
  • Recognized as a supplementary protector and as a manual motor controller
  • UL listed and CSA certified
  • Certified for circuit branch protection
  • Optional power selector device


  • High Voltage / High Current Applications
  • Renewable Energy
  • Military
  • Industrial Controls
  • Generators
Publicado: 2011-10-28 | Actualizado: 2022-03-11