Basler dart Board Level Cameras

Basler dart Board Level Cameras are designed to optimize image quality for vision applications especially when images need to be evaluated by the human eye. The dart camera default settings are set to produce the best image quality. The default settings include features designed directly into the electronics, the FPGA of the camera. These include the PGI Feature Set with denoising, improved sharpness, 5×5 debayering and color-anti-aliasing. Other features include backlight compensation and anti-flicker. The cameras meet demanding expectations for low weight, power consumption, heat generation, meet small board space requirements, and can cut system costs significantly.

The cameras are available in three variants: S-mount, CS-mount, and bare board. The flexible mount concept allows for a variety of lenses to be used, including affordable S-mount lenses. The bare board version sets a new standard in single board cameras with a footprint of only 27×27mm.

Two versatile interfaces are available, USB 3.0 compliant darts with the USB3 Vision Standard, and the newly-developed LVDS-based interface BCON darts. The dart offers easy integration, convenient plug-and-play functionality, and secure data transfer up to a bandwith of 350MB/s for maximum utilization.

With the leanest-possible integration for next-generation image processing, and for most optimized front-end and vision architecture, BCON is ideal for cost-driven embedded systems.


  • Board level cameras with bare board, S- and CS-mount options
  • Dimensions
    • 27x27mm and 5g in weight (bare board)
    • 29x29mm at 15g (S- and CS-Mount)
  • Aptina and e2v CMOS sensors with resolutions of 1.2 to 5MP and up to 60fps
  • PGI – Basler's unique feature set for powerful in-camera image optimization
  • LVDS interface BCON for sophisticated embedded technology requirements
  • Pylon Camera Software Suite included free
  • Long-term availability and reliability
  • Excellent color reliability and image adjustment features for color-critical applications
  • One-cable solution with plug-and-play USB 3.0 interface


Publicado: 2017-08-29 | Actualizado: 2022-03-11