Analog Devices Inc. EVAL-CN0399-SDPZ Evaluation Board

Analog Devices Inc. EVAL-CN0399-SDPZ Circuit Evaluation Board helps designers evaluate the CN-0399 RF Circuit for the battery or USB powered 9kHz to 6GHz RMS Power Measurement System. The RF circuit provides a complete rms RF power meter in a tiny form factor that designers can power entirely from a 5V USB power supply. The circuit offers a 45dBM (−30dBm to +15dBm) nominal input power range.

The measurement signal chain consists of an rms responding RF power detector (ADL5904) and a 12-bit, precision ADC (AD7091R). These devices are powered by a CMOS linear regulator (ADP160) which generates 3.3V from the 5V USB supply.

The EVAL-CN0407-SDPZ Circuit Evaluation Board from Analog Devices connects to a PC through the SDP-S board (EVAL-SDP-CS1Z). When the EVAL-CN0407-SDPZ and EVAL-SDP-CS1Z are connected, the designer can download the CN-0399 Evaluation Software and evaluate the performance of the CN-0399 RF Circuit.


  • 9kHz to 6GHz RMS power measurement
  • 45dB input power range: -30dBm to +15dBm
  • USB powered

Reference Design

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Publicado: 2017-12-04 | Actualizado: 2022-05-12