Analog Devices Inc. LTC4421 Demo Board DC2866A

Analog Devices Inc. LTC4421 Demo Board DC2866A features the LTC4421 dual supply high power prioritized PowerPath™ controller. This demo board arbitrates between two input supply rails by selecting the highest priority and providing a valid supply to power the load. The DC2866A board considers the supply connected to V1 as the higher priority supply and offers the option to change dynamically. This demo board has external resistive dividers to set the under-voltage and overvoltage thresholds that bound the valid voltage window. The DC2866A board operates at 0V to 36V voltage range. This demo board is ideal for use in high-reliability systems, server-based back-up systems, industrial handheld instruments, and battery back-up systems.


  • LTC4421 PowerPath™ controller
  • Wide 0V to 36V operating voltage range
  • External resistive dividers
  • 0V to 36V operating voltage range


  • High-reliability systems
  • Server-based back-up systems
  • Industrial handheld instruments
  • Battery back-up systems

Measurement Equipment Set-Up

Analog Devices Inc. LTC4421 Demo Board DC2866A
Publicado: 2020-03-24 | Actualizado: 2022-03-11