Analog Devices Inc. LT3966 Demo Board DC2630A

Analog Devices Inc. LT3966 Demo Board DC2630A provides a proven design to evaluate the LT3966 Quad Boost LED Drivers. The LT3966 Quad Boost LED Driver is a 4-channel, monolithic boost driver with I2C programmability and an onboard Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC). Each channel provides a 60V current-mode boost converter with an internal 1.6A DMOS power switch, as well as internal and external analog and PWM dimming features.

The Analog Devices Inc. LT3966 Demo Board DC2630A has a 2MHz operating frequency with four channels capable of powering LED strings, which can have different currents, voltages, or dimming ratios. Each channel is independently controlled via I2C communications or analog inputs. The DC2630A can be configured to run in either mode by modifying the ADDR pin settings. The DC2630A offers protection features against output overcurrent, overvoltage events and reports open and short LED fault events by latching an alert pin. In I2C mode, the device has faults that can be enabled or disabled. A DC2026C Linduino® One demonstration circuit is used to interface with the board by directly connecting it with a QuikEval™ ribbon cable and provided a command-line interface code.


Analog Devices Inc. LT3966 Demo Board DC2630A

Test Setup

Mechanical Drawing - Analog Devices Inc. LT3966 Demo Board DC2630A
Publicado: 2021-02-01 | Actualizado: 2022-03-11