Analog Devices Inc. ADP7183/ADP7185 Evaluation Boards

Analog Devices Inc. ADP7183/ADP7185 Evaluation Boards demonstrate the functionality of the ADP7183/ADP7185 ultra-low noise linear regulators. These evaluation boards can perform simple device measurements using only a single voltage supply, a voltmeter, an ammeter, and load resistors. Some of the device measurements offered by the evaluation boards include line and load regulation, dropout voltage, and ground current.

The Analog Devices ADP7183/ADP7185 Evaluation Boards are available in fixed or adjustable voltage versions


  • -2V to -5.5V input voltage range
  • Output Current Range
    • 0mA to -300mA (ADP7183)
    • 0mA to -500mA (ADP7185)
  • Output Voltage Accuracy
    • ±2.6% (ADP7183)
    • ±2.2% (ADP7185)
  • -40°C to +125°C operating temperature range
  • Adjustable option voltage set with two external resistors(R1 and R2), VOUT = -0.5V × (1 + R1/R2)
  • 4.7μF Input bypass capacitor
  • 1μF regulator capacitor
  • 0.01μF output voltage reference feedback capacitor
  • 1μF low-noise reference voltage capacitor
  • 4.7μF output capacitor
  • Jumper
  • Part of the external resistor divider (composed of R1 and R2 that sets the output voltage for the adjustable option)
Publicado: 2017-09-11 | Actualizado: 2022-04-25