Analog Devices Inc. ADP5076 DC-to-DC Switching Regulator

Analog Devices ADP5076 DC-to-DC Switching Regulator generates independently regulated positive and negative rails. The input voltage range of 2.85V to 5.5V supports various applications. The device is ideal for bipolar amplifiers, analog-to-digital (ADC) converters, digital-to-analog (DAC) converters, multiplexers, and radio-frequency power amplifier bias. The integrated main switch in both regulators enables generation of an adjustable positive output voltage up to +35V and a negative output voltage as low as −30V. ADP5076 operates at a pin selected 1.2MHz or 2.4MHz switching frequency. The device also can synchronize with an external oscillator from 1.0MHz to 2.6MHz to ease noise filtering in sensitive applications.


  • 2.85V to 5.5V input supply voltage range
  • Generates well-regulated, independently resistor-programmable VPOS and VNEG outputs
  • Boost regulator to generate VPOS output
    • Adjustable positive output to 35V
    • Integrated 2.0A main switch
  • Inverting regulator to generate VNEG output
    • Adjustable negative output to −30V
    • Integrated 1.20A main switch
  • 3.5mA quiescent current
  • 1.2MHz or 2.4MHz switching frequency with optional external frequency synchronization from 1.0MHz to 2.6MHz
  • Resistor programmable soft start timer
  • Slew rate control for lower system noise
  • −40°C to +125°C junction temperature range
  • Individual precision enable and flexible start-up sequence control for symmetric start, VPOS first, or VNEG first
  • Out of phase operation
  • UVLO, OCP, OVP, and TSD protection
  • 1.61mm × 2.18mm, 20-ball WLCSP


  • Bipolar amplifiers, ADCs, DACs, and multiplexers
  • Charge coupled device (CCD) bias supply
  • Optical module supply
  • RF power amplifier bias
  • Time of flight module supply

Block Diagram

Block Diagram - Analog Devices Inc. ADP5076 DC-to-DC Switching Regulator

Power by Linear

Chart - Analog Devices Inc. ADP5076 DC-to-DC Switching Regulator
Publicado: 2019-11-21 | Actualizado: 2022-03-10