Analog Devices Inc. ADG3304 Bidirectional Logic-Level Translators

Analog Devices Inc. ADG3304 Logic-Level Translators include four bidirectional channels and are fully guaranteed over the 1.15V to 5.5V supply range. ADG3304's internal architecture enables the devices to perform bidirectional logic-level translation without requiring an additional signal to set the direction in which the translation takes place. The enable pin offers a three-state operation on the A-side and the Y-side pins. Both sides of the device operate in a high impedance state when the EN pin is pulled low.

Analog Devices ADG3304 Logic-Level Translators are qualified for automotive applications and available in compact packages. The devices are well-suited for multi-voltage digital system applications. These applications include data transfers between a low-voltage digital signal-processing controller and a higher voltage device using SPI and MICROWIRE interfaces.


  • Bidirectional level translation
  • Operates from 1.15V to 5.5V
  • <5μA low-quiescent current
  • No direction pin
  • Qualified for automotive applications


  • SPI, MICROWIRE level translation
  • Low-voltage ASIC level translation
  • Smart card readers
  • Cell phones and cell phone cradles
  • Portable communications devices
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Network switches and routers
  • Storage systems (SAN/NAS)
  • Computing/server applications
  • GPS
  • Portable POS systems
  • Low-cost serial interfaces

Block Diagram

Block Diagram - Analog Devices Inc. ADG3304 Bidirectional Logic-Level Translators
Publicado: 2017-08-28 | Actualizado: 2022-04-25