Analog Devices Inc. AD9656EBZ Evaluation Board

Analog Devices Inc. AD9656EBZ Evaluation Board demonstrates the capabilities of the AD9656 Quad 16-bit ADC. AD9656EBZ provides all of the support circuitry required to operate the devices in their various modes and configurations. It is designed to interface directly with the HSC-ADC-EVALEZ data capture card, allowing designers to download captured data for analysis. The Visual Analog software package, which is used to interface with the device's hardware, allows designers  to download captured data for analysis with a user-friendly graphical interface. The SPI Controller software package is also compatible with this hardware, and allows the user to access the SPI programmable features of the AD9656.


  • SPI interface for setup and control
  • External, onboard oscillator
  • On-board LDO regulator, needing a single external 6V, 2A DC supply
  • ADC VREF configurable for ADC-internal reference, onboard reference, off-board reference
  • VisualAnalog® and SPIController software interfaces
  • Software needed:
    • Visual Analog
    • SPI Controller
  • Equipment needed:
    • 6V 2A switching supply (such as CUI EPS060250UH-PHP-SZ) (optional)
    • 12V, 3A switching power supply
    • Analog signal source and anti-aliasing filter
    • Analog Clock source (if not using the on-board crystal)
    • PC running Windows
    • USB 2.0 port recommended (USB 1.1 compatible)
    • AD9656 evaluation board (AD9656EBZ)
    • HSC-ADC-EVALEZ data capture board

Default Jumper Connections

Publicado: 2014-07-29 | Actualizado: 2022-03-11