Analog Devices Inc. AD8452 PWM Controllers

Analog Devices AD8452 PWM Controllers combine a precision analog front-end controller and switch mode power supply (SMPS), pulse-width modulator (PWM) driver into a single silicon platform for high volume battery testing and formation manufacturing. A precision instrumentation amplifier (in-amp) measures the battery charge / discharge current to better than ±0.1% accuracy, while an equally accurate difference amplifier measures the battery voltage. Internal laser trimmed resistor networks establish the in-amp and difference amplifier gains (66 V/V and 0.4 V/V, respectively), and stabilize the AD8452 performance across the rated operating temperature range.


  • CC and CV battery test and formation modes with transparent and automatic switchover, for systems of 20Ah or less
  • Precise measurement of voltage and current
  • Independent feedback control blocks
  • Highly accurate, factory trimmed instrumentation and differential amplifiers
  • Stable over temperature: offset voltage drift <0.6μV/°C (maximum)
  • Gain drift: <3ppm/°C (maximum)
  • In-amp for current sense gain: 66V/V
  • Difference amplifier for voltage sense gain: 0.4V/V
  • Current sense CMRR: 120dB minimum
  • Popular SMPS control for charge/discharge
  • High PWM linearity with internal ramp voltage
  • 50kHz to 300kHz user controlled switching frequency
  • Synchronization output or input with adjustable phase shift
  • Programmable soft start
Publicado: 2019-10-02 | Actualizado: 2022-03-10