Amprobe PK-110 Electrical Test Kit

Amprobe PK-110 Electrical Test Kit comes with three electrical testers to perform quick and safe voltage tests. The kit includes the AM-420 Digital Multimeter, ST-102B Socket Tester with GFCI, and VP-1000 Non-Contact Voltage Detector. The PK-110 kit provides everything necessary for electrical testing, from identifying voltage presence in outlets and switches to confirming the proper wiring of regular and GFCI protected outlets. Amprobe PK-110 Electrical Test Kit is suitable for a variety of residential applications.

Kit Contents

  • AM-420 Digital Multimeter
  • VP-1000 Non-Contact Voltage Detector
  • ST-102B Socket Tester with GFCI


  • AM-420 Digital Multimeter
    • Troubleshoots light bulbs and fuses, detects voltage
    • AC/DC voltage
    • DC current
    • Resistance
    • Audible continuity and diode test
    • Battery test (1.5V and 9V)
    • Data hold
    • CAT II 250V safety rated
  • VP-1000 Non-Contact Voltage Detector
    • AC voltage detection
    • Visual voltage presence alert
    • CAT IV 1000V safety rated
  • ST-102B Socket Tester with GFCI
    • Tests standard and GFCI outlets
    • Verifies proper wiring
    • Detects five types of wiring faults
    • CSA listed for safety


  • Residential
  • Electrical sockets
  • Extension cords
  • Receptacles and GFCI breakers
  • Batteries
  • Other electrical circuits up to 250V
Publicado: 2017-05-19 | Actualizado: 2022-03-11