Amphenol FCI ComboLock Wire-to-Board Connectors

Amphenol FCI ComboLock® Wire-to-Board Connectors fulfill space-limited applications' power and signal requirements. Amphenol FCI ComboLock features a hybrid 1.00mm pitch signal and 3.00mm pitch power configuration with an active latching feature. The connectors have a nominal current carrying capacity of 10A per pin maximum for power and 1.5A per pin maximum for signal. Power wire sizes range from 26AWG to 18AWG and signal wire sizes from 30AWG to 24AWG.


  • Multiple wire sizes
    • 26AWG to 18AWG (power)
    • 30AWG to 24AWG (signal)
  • Hybrid current capacity
    • Up 10A maximum per pin (power)
    • Up to 1.5A maximum per pin (signal)
  • Housing with positive locking ensures secure mating retention
  • Hold-down features increase the board grip force
  • Footprint is compatible with vertical and right-angle types
  • 10164147-001HT ComboLock Hand Tool
  • 10164148-001HT ComboLock Hand Tool


  • Data
    • Servers
    • Storage
  • Consumer devices
    • Personal care devices (air dryers)
    • Home care devices (cleaning robots)
    • Home automation (alarm systems)
  • Industrial and instrumentation
    • Robotics
    • Programmable logic controllers
    • Power tools


  • -40°C to +105°C operating temperature range
  • 50VAC/DC voltage rating
  • 500VAC dielectric withstand voltage
  • 100MΩ insulation resistance
  • <40MΩ contact resistance

Product Overview

Chart - Amphenol FCI ComboLock Wire-to-Board Connectors


Amphenol FCI ComboLock Wire-to-Board Connectors
Publicado: 2021-11-08 | Actualizado: 2024-03-15