Alpha Wire Industrial Automation Connectivity Solutions

Alpha Wire Industrial Automation Connectivity Solutions connect sensors and actuators from end-to-end in industrial environments to ensure safe and reliable communication, decrease downtime, and increase productivity. These connectivity solutions include passive distribution boxes with up to twelve M8 or eight M12 ports, two-way splitters, cordsets with M8, M12, M23, Mini, or RJ45 connectors, receptacle connectors, and field attachable connectors. The system is easy to use and mechanically and environmentally rugged. Stainless steel models combined IP69K protection and washdown capabilities with protection against corrosion and aggressive chemical and cleaning agents.

Distribution boxes mount conveniently at the machine, simplifying wiring and saving space. Boxes are available with or without LED indicators. To speed maintenance and repairs, LEDs simplify troubleshooting to find errors and system malfunctions. The compact distribution boxes consolidate and simply wiring from sensors/actuators to the controller and eliminate the need for additional enclosures. The same modules support two I/O channels per port so that an 8-port box can handle 16 signals.

Rugged overmolded cordsets, available with connectors on one or both ends, provide a plug and play solution in seven standard lengths to allow shorter installation times. The field attachable connectors include either solder cups or screw termination for easy field installation.

Alpha Wire's Industrial Automation Connectivity products are designed for the factory floor with industrial temperature ranges, IP67 sealing, and resistance to vibration, shock, and other hazards. Due to environmental sealing, the need for additional enclosures is eliminated.


Industrial Automation Connectivity I/O Distribution Boxes bring a concentration of devices in close proximity that allow cordsets to connect into the block. The distribution boxes are available in M8 and M12 connector sizes with a variety of connector quantities and feature LEDs to signal to operator that everything is working properly.


Cordsets are smooth round cables with one or two terminated ends for use during connectivity installation. These cordsets connect to sensors/actuators for industrial automation applications. Using plug n' play functionality, the cordsets can reduce installation times, human error during installation, and downtime due to cable failures.

TPE Ethernet

Alpha Wire Industrial Ethernet cables use D-Code M12 or RJ45 connectors and a 2-pair construction. They meet Cat 5e applications to support data rates up to 1 Gb/s. Choose between unshielded for smallest diameter or foil/braid shielding for signal integrity in noisy environments.

Publicado: 2016-12-08 | Actualizado: 2022-03-11