Abracon Molded Inductors

Abracon Molded Inductors offer a 100kHz to 5MHz maximum switching frequency range and up to 30% tolerance rating. These compact, low-profile inductors feature shielded construction, soft saturation, and high efficiency. Abracon molded inductors are separated into AMDLA and AMELA versions. AMDLA inductors meet the performance, reliability, and cost needs of some of the most challenging design-constrained applications in the consumer electronics and industrial markets. AMELA inductors are ideal for use in handheld consumer electronics and IoT wearable markets.


  • Shielded construction
  • Soft saturation
  • Designed for switching frequencies between 100KHz to 5MHz maximum
  • Materials
    • Metal alloy core
    • Copper wire
    • Tin plating terminal


    • Consumer electronics
    • Industrial markets
    • Handheld consumer electronics
    • IoT wearable markets
Publicado: 2020-10-01 | Actualizado: 2024-03-21